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bills bday      We are Bill & Melissa McDonald, and Billie, Savannah, Kayleigh & our biggest helper of all Gracie!        When we met Bill was already into the storage unit thing only just as a hobby. So we started doing it together and because he was working a full time job, I was forced to go to the auction alone and bid on our units. Turns out I was very comfortable and kind of a natural on every aspect.
      So I started getting hooked and we started buying more. We were finding a lot of really goods stuff and selling more and more. At that point we decided to go full time together buying and reselling!! We never missed an auction and we bought a lot, we started growing and our sales were just as big as it gets next to a flea market.
     At one point we were the # 1 bidder at public storage auction in Pinellas county, and that is how we came up with our name!  We started out a huge yard sale and grew into our own Flea market after we added the canopy. Then we received the award for Best Flea Market in Pinellas park for 2015! Now we are moving into a 5600 Sq ft building!!! We are growing bigger and bigger and the prices are better and better compared to the competitors!!  We buy a lot so we need to sell a lot, and we do just that! We price to move and keep things always coming as well as going!! There is no other atmosphere quite like ours!!
We always have different stuff and the price is always right
We have been at this location for almost 5 years and we have had very few unhappy customers and we have a huge amount of repeat customers who come see us every sale sometimes more than once a day. We continue putting out items all thru the weekend and they don't want to miss anything!! We have grown out of this location, not enough parking for the amount of people that come! So we are moving this flea Market inside!  Thats right inside, the sale opens rain or shine!!!  Just come to one sale and you too will be hooked on the awesome prices and kindness all around! We have tough days but we love what we do and we love all of our customers!! Come along our journey as our company is progressing and we will show you along the way, the things you wont see on TV!!
Auction diehards new building
8011 49th st. n pinellas park, fl. 33781
This is the new building, 8011 49th st N. Pinellas Park, fl. 33781  

We are just ordinary people making a decent living but working hard for all of it!! But we love it so were going to stick too it!! Were not expecting to get rich but if it ever happens that's
just a bonus and it means even better prices because we still wouldn't  quit!!!     ((Diehards))
bill owner of Auction diehards
Our company is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.
We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.
7940 Park Blvd.
Pinellas Park, F
We Were doing it way before storage wars came out on television!! 5 years + experience
2013 gracy!!
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